Recently the company opened its own workshop. The facility is a new construction and meets all requirements of the modern customer. It is designed for the repair of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, cars, trailers and even buses.  In addition to the quality repair services, the company opened the first in the region centre for repair and maintenance of analogue and digital tachographs. In the service building, located only a few meters away from the main road Lovech - Troyan and the railway, SIMA also  owns a department for annual technical inspection of vehicles.  





Quality general repairs of cars, vans, trucks, trailers, buses and special equipment like :

-  Engines

-  Clutches

-  Exhausts

-  Power steering

-  Transmission

-  Oil change

-  Oil, air and fuel filters change

-  Wheel balance

-  Electronic battery condition check

-  Tire assembly and disassembly

-  Wiring connections and ignition inspection

-  Computer diagnostics for the whole range of Iveco automobiles, using licensed software.

The tachograph service offers you :

-          mainteinance, repair and validation for over 20 different types of analogue and digital tachoprahs.

-          sale of tacho discs and spare parts for your tachograph.  

-          data storage of your personal driver card information.

In the center for periodical technical inspection of motor vehicles you can

-  pass the annual technical inspection of your vehicle

-  issue ECMT certificates

-  have your additional inspection card for buses and taxis (required by law).